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Carregador ABB AC Wallbox type 2 / 32A





With a decade of experience in innovating, installing and maintaining e-mobility infrastructure, including several nationwide charger networks, we’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to provide smarter mobility solutions from highway to home. No other wallbox provider has a portfolio as strong as ABB, spanning the AC and DC charger market offering tailored, intelligent and connected charging solutions for any location type and business.
These attributes combined make ABB the home of charging, and the wallbox an essential component of connected living. The Terra AC wallbox is the superior EV home charger, delivering high-value quality, futureproof flexibility, and advanced safety and protection.

Serving a growing market

Terra AC wallbox provides tailored, intelligent and networked charging solutions for any business, home or location.

At home
From private homes to multi-tenant homes and residential communities

At work
From small offices to large offices, business parks and complexes

Commercial locations
From hotels to sports institutions    and shopping centres
While parking
While on the street or in a car park

Explore the technical features of the Terra AC wallbox

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